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Who we are

Who we are

Functional is a high-tech company specialized in the production, development, marketing and marketing of DM, disposable PPE and consumer products for all product sectors with a focus on the world of facility management, cleaning & hygiene, the Horeca sector and of the world of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Starting from an analysis carried out jointly with the customer, we carry out feasibility studies together with the research and development team to understand the most effective and efficient way to satisfy the necessary need.

Our team, thanks to over 30 years of experience   in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices fields, also combining the skills and services offered by the laboratories offered by NOI Techpark, allows us to be a partner of excellence characterized by great professionalism, precision, flexibility and speed of execution.


Professional clothing

Professional clothing




Cleaning  and hygiene

Sanitary emergency

Disposable paper

Vision & Mission

A focus on the customer experience dominates our logistics strategy

+ 150 

More than 150

shipments per day


For an excellent service we also process reduced orders


Dedicated manager to ensure individual assistance


Average delivery times in Italy from receipt



Logistics always



Receive the goods

when you want 


Vision & Mission 

Approach  strategic 

The current world situation, characterized by great economic and political instability, has highlighted the scarcity of raw materials, the increase in energy costs, highlighting even more the weakness of specific supply chains. This situation is creating more and more inconvenience to the various sectors concerned, putting at risk the continuity of production and / or the supply of services. Functional has developed an innovative business model and a proprietary platform capable of optimizing the entire purchasing process and guaranteeing a unique competitive advantage and a leadership position on the market. Functional's mission is therefore to create, through its platform, a global network of suppliers, in order to always be able to guarantee the customer the best solution on the market based on his needs.

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